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A series of mirrors framed in mosaic was made ​​in 2003, inspired by the creative works of the famous Italian artist Dusciana Bravura. Small in size mirrors are made of MDF and are decorated in a frame of wooden moldings. Decorative motifs soul embodied in the mirrors of great size, filled with thin delicate elements of Venetian glass, pieces of millefiori, fusing elements, gold glazes of different colors and textures, are reflected in the very small scale. Mirrors, executed in mosaic frames, only vaguely resemble the works Dusciana Bravura as pieces of art made ​​of glass and not abound so unusual materials with different textures. Glass pieces lie in one plane with the mirror itself, and the seams between the mirror and the frame as well as the joints most tile, grout overwritten mineral Mapei (Mapei). Due to this substitution of the result obtained is very different from the original, and perhaps somewhere inferior to him. Mirrors were not meant for the interior, therefore not bound by its decisions to anything. They can be isolated in a series, starting from the same size, a single assembly technique and material used, in this case - the glass art.