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Modern Italian mosaic

Always hold the lead - quite a difficult task. Especially when accumulated a long tradition and experience that this binding. Mosaic art originated in Italy long before the Inquisition. In the homeland of the Italian Renaissance, somewhat later, in the 16th century mosaic deal was formed as a separate branch.

In the past, mosaics decorated the floors and fireplaces in private interiors, further from it were the faces of saints that adorned the temples and churches. Church clergy has always understood the beauty, especially when this beauty was so refined embodiment. Previously, the focus has been to maximize the accuracy of the fit of individual fragments of the mosaic canvas to create the effect of a complete picture. And the mosaic paintings at that time were decorated with a myriad of magnificent beauty of the palaces and luxury mansions. To date, the Florentine mosaics can be enjoyed in the temples of the Italian island of Torcello.

Modern Italian mosaic

not how much inferior to the color and beauty of the mosaic mural created by professional artists of the past. However, mass availability of destroyed property unique mosaic masterpieces of our time. Most people perceive only as a beautiful mosaic of decorative home furnishing accessories, without which the room looks ordinary and modest.

Perennial techniques allow the Italian masters today to realize the most daring and unusual design ideas and fantasies.

Currently, Italian mosaic has a colorful and elegant appearance, it is capable of long time to keep the original color scheme.

perceive contemporary Italian mosaic only as a decorative interior attribute kitchens or bathrooms would be a huge mistake, because she is gorgeous as perfect. Since this is the perfect, modern mosaic in Italy produces a diverse range of colors and shape.

Currently interior designers are actively used in the work experience of the past, decorating walls and floors of rooms with colorful mosaic compositions of glass and ceramics.

special charm, color and pomp - these properties are characteristic of space, decorated with mosaic paintings. In contemporary interiors elegant and harmonious looks Venetian glass mosaic, as well as compositions made of ceramic, glass and glazes, which has high durability properties.

in the production of modern Italian mosaic happily joined together into a coherent whole secrets and traditions experienced mosaic artists who worked in the past. They knew how to make the right selection of the right material and color, which is very important when using the new technologies of today. The unique quality that was characteristic of the mosaic paintings of any era, combined with huge potential available to the modern equipment and the use of environmentally friendly materials, transforming modern Italian mosaic decorative accessory is indispensable for every room. Herein lies the main difference between the Italian mosaic of similar products produced in other countries. The modern Italian mosaics formed its own brand.

Italian tile manufacturers at the moment are ready to offer a huge selection of products: colorful panels and exquisite decorations, free compositions that do not have a specific theme, mosaic-like pieces of lava covered with glaze, precious stones and pieces of gold.

Italian mosaic glass has outstanding technical properties, particularly in terms of hardness, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and water resistance. Manufacturers mosaics from Italy to always carefully control the selection of raw materials for the manufacture of its own products, stopping opt for environmentally friendly components. For most companies that manufacture mosaic, raw material comes from certain areas and harvested on a specific technology.

Designers clearly and thoroughly identify the desired color range, size and configuration of the mosaic fragments, choosing the optimum design solutions and ideas for decorations. Vivid and harmonious colors spilling over to the mosaic paintings, colorful transformation of magnificent beauty of the works under the influence of sunlight, perfect for art style painting with elements of silver and gold - all this just can not help but admire and amaze. Unique Mosaic

achieve decorators Italy lies in the fact that they were able to decorate the interiors of the amazing mosaic panels, bringing to ordinary reality elegance and splendor, with mosaic is not perceived as a museum piece, and transformed into a stylish and luxurious decorative accessory interior room .